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Eggplant Salad 340 g

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Eggplant (Solanum melongena)

Although often considered a vegetable, they're technically a fruit, as they grow from a flowering plant and contain seeds. Eggplant provides a good amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals in few calories. Eggplants are high in anthocyanins, a pigment with antioxidant properties that can protect against cellular damage. Eggplants are high in fiber and polyphenols, both of which may help reduce blood sugar levels. Eggplant is high in fiber but low in calories, both of which can help promote weight loss. It can also be used in place of higher-calorie ingredients. Eggplants contain solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides, which test-tube studies indicate may aid in cancer treatment. Eating more fruits and vegetables may also protect against some types of cancer. From reducing the risk of heart disease to helping with blood sugar control and weight loss, eggplants are a simple and delicious addition to any healthy diet.

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